Welding courses including Entry Level Multi Process and Pressure Pipe Welding.

Testing and Tickets

Welding is an extremely interesting and varied process, and there are several different welding processes and positions used today. Combined with options for hundreds of different metal alloys, increasing numbers of filler metals and shielding gases, and it’s easy to see how welding certification has also grown to become complex. Hence, there are literally dozens of different tickets available and a number of governing bodies for welder certification. And while some industries demand specific certifications for their welders, others are not governed by the same set of standards. This results in the situation where welding tickets may only be valid at the place of employment, and require BOTH the employers name and the welders name on it.

However, employers often look for ‘proof of competence’ as demonstrated by previous experience and/or previous welding tickets.

At Canadian Welding Skills, we adhere to careful testing procedures, and provide our students with the opportunity to test their skills, and complete welding tickets through their program.