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The combination of a massive skilled labour shortage with an aging workforce has created a seriously unbelievable job market for skilled welders. With new government investments in manufacturing, infrastructure, and shipbuilding the demand for welders has never been higher.

It’s an exciting and vibrant industry with many attractive job opportunities for high school grads to those looking for a new, reliable career. Here’s our pick for the top three reasons to start a welding career: 

1) Excellent Wages

Welders bring home the bacon. Generally speaking, skilled welders are financially well-compensated. Statistics confirm that typical entry-level wages start around $18 to $20 an hour. Of course, pay only goes up from there. Salaries vary based on a job’s location, and if you’re willing to travel wages can increase dramatically.

2) There’s a Massive Demand for Welders

Job opportunities in the welding industry are plentiful. Most entry-level welders can secure their first job in 2-4 weeks or less, and our students have a 95%+ placement rate. Some are hired before they even graduate! Since the welding industry is wide-ranging, if there happens to be a slowdown in one section of the economy but it’s picking up in another, welders can always move along and follow the work.

3) Be Job Ready in 10 Weeks

No optional courses and no wasting time – just 10 weeks of practical skills. As a private career college, we understand that our students want to enter the skilled workforce and start earning pay cheques as soon as possible. Our 10 week, 300-hour program is designed to get students into the industry and teach the exact skills that employers are seeking. More than 95% of our students are hired in the industry after earning their welding certification!

If you would like more information about our 10 week job-ready program or would like to register, please give us a call at 705.292.0494 or email us.