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Welding Training for entry level and experienced welders as well as Corporate Training Services.

Why Private Career College

Welding Instruction

Canadian Welding Skills is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Our programs qualify for Better Jobs Ontario financial assistance (formerly Second Careers). 

We believe the real benefit of attending a Private Career College comes from our skill focused approach. Our focus is welding and welding alone. Ninety five percent of our student’s time is spent welding and we can tailor our instruction to the unique needs of each student, to accommodate learning styles.

Our job is not finished until you secure your first job as a welder. We’ll assist you with finding employment by teaching you job search techniques, posting job openings and preparing your resume. We’ll help you understand the job interview process, and we’re always just a call away as your career grows in the welding industry!

Do the comparison on cost related to community college programs – our students are often employed shortly after a 10 week course, allowing them to earn wages and gain valuable work experience while college students are still going to school.