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Included is Resume preparation and job search training to help graduates find work.


Welder at Job Site

At Canadian Welding Skills, we understand that our students are attending our facility to get a start in a trade career, or possibly seeking to further their welding skills to grow their careers. So our job isn’t finished until our graduates are employed and working in the welding industry. And our high employment success rates speak to the success of our students, and the growing opportunities available within this trade.

We assist our students with not only learning the necessary welding skills, but in preparing them for their job search. From creating resumes to teaching online job search techniques to posting job opportunities, we’re with our students every step of the way.

Statistics confirm that most entry-level welders can secure their first job in 2-4 weeks or less. And typical starting wages are $22 – $25 per hour. Of course, if you’re willing to travel, wages can increase dramatically.