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Trending Up: Women In The Welding Industry

There’s a large skilled welder shortage across Canada, and recruiters are reaching out to EVERYONE. Many women have realized this and are seizing the opportunity.

Just as welding jobs aren’t limited to men, working in the industry isn’t limited to doing the same thing day in and day out.

Most women are unaware of how exciting the welding industry is. Those with welding experience are needed for electronics, art & design, custom home/cottage building, shipbuilding, signage, and the list goes on. Women with welding skills have a variety of high-paying, exciting career options available to them.

The perception of a welding shop being a dark, dangerous place filled with smoke and heavy machinery is completely untrue and dated.

Today’s shops are safer, brighter, and can include updated machinery such as robotic equipment, which eliminates another false perception that welders need to be able to continually lift massive equipment. In fact, being petite has its advantages, as welders are sometimes needed to work in smaller, more confined spaces.

Many women possess strong, natural talents that are needed in the welding industry:

An affinity for math and science, creativity and the ability to conceptualize ideas, a temperament for precise work, patience, and most importantly hand-eye coordination. These are all very important things in welding.

In some cases, guidance counsellors and employment agencies are more likely to promote traditional job options, which are fantastic avenues to pursue for those interested – but why not welding? Since there’s a shortage of skilled workers and the pay is good, welding is an extraordinary career option for young women.

If you are interested in learning more about the welding industry or would like to take a course with Canadian Welding Skills, contact us today.