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Entry Requirements

What you need to know before enrolling at Canadian Welding Skills

Entry Requirements

The programs we offer are based on building your knowledge through practical skills and as such we are confident we can train anyone to weld regardless of their learning style.

However we do have a couple of basic requirements that are mandatory for entry to the program.

  1. Education:
    • If you have completed your high school diploma (Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or provincial equivalent) please provide a copy of your diploma or transcript.
    • If you haven’t completed high school (or you are unable to provide a copy of your diploma for any reason) you can still gain entry to the program by coming into our facility and completing a Basic Skills test with us. This test covers basic language and mathematics skills and takes less than an hour to complete. Please call the office to book an appointment if you need to take this route.
  2. Eyesight:
    • We require all students attending the programs to have their eyes checked before starting their course. Please take our eye report with you to an optometrist and request they complete it. If you have had an eye exam within the last six months you can ask the optometrist to transfer the results to our paperwork. Please note we will not accept the optometrists own examination forms. Click here to download our Eye Exam Report PDF
    • Any resulting prescriptions must be filled before starting the course. Prescription safety glasses are required to meet CSA standards and be fitted with side shields. We do not allow students to wear regular safety glasses over regular glasses.