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Why choose a Private Welding Career College?

The beauty of the Ontario Education System is that there are choices.  These choices accommodate all ages and all learning styles.

The advantages of a Registered Private Welding Career College like Canadian Welding Skills are:

1 – Flexible Start Dates – No need to wait until a new semester starts

2 – Small class sizes – maximum of 5-6 per instructor            

3 – One on one time –  theory, math, welding symbols, blueprint reading and hands-on guidance tutorials.               

4.  Short Duration – You will take only welding, no general electives that are not part of your new trade.        

5.  Hands-on Focus – 95 % Hands-On Training!!!! Thirty Hous per week (approximately) of booth time          

We are open Monday – Friday (8:30-4:30) to help you with questions you may have.