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Why People Work in the Industry

If you’re considering a job in welding, you might find it interesting to know why people work in the industry, and what initially drew them to welding as a career option. 

For most, it’s the good pay and steady work. There’s no denying that. But there’s many other reasons that welders like going to work, and have found themselves working in the industry for most of their careers. 

Welders enjoy building things and using powerful tools.

“I enjoy welding. It’s a really interesting thing to do once you’ve tried it a couple of times. Just the fact that you’re controlling something that’s so extremely hot, and you’re bonding two things that are so hard together, it’s a really cool thing to be able to do. It’s fun to build stuff.” 

Some welders like doing something different each and every day.

“My favorite part of this job is how many different kinds of folks need welders. I respect the pipelines, rig workers Etc… But I love seeing my wife at the end of the day and I enjoy the variety of the work I do. Now back to welding these aluminum motor mounts for electric kit cars.”

They could be interested in science and engineering.

“I personally enjoy welding because I enjoy trying to perfect my welds, I have good hand-eye coordination, I’m capable of manual labour and I find science and engineering fascinating. I also enjoy the fact it’s easy to progress if your smart and hardworking.”

Some people weld so they can advance their career later on in life.

“There are so many industries all over the world that need welders, and I love having options. This isn’t “the dream” I’m chasing, but I definitely see it as a stepping stone to other things I want to do. My biggest passions are nearly impossible to make a living off of.” 

People go into welding for a wide range of reasons. Point being, there’s no right or wrong reason for wanting to become a welder. If you would like more info about the various types of welding careers, contact the office at Canadian Welding Skills.

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